60+ Friends Camp

Join us for a great time of fellowship, worship and fun.  Take time to sing some of your favourite hymns, enjoy tea time while being served a variety of dainties and snacks.  Most importantly grow in your walk with the Lord through great messages.

Spring 2021

June 23: We will be hosting an afternoon event with music, speaking and a drama!

Speaker: Kelvin Thiessen

Drama: Lorie Thiessen - I love stories!  Every time I hear a story about what God has done in someone’s life my perspective of God’s love, mercy and faithfulness grows to deeper levels. My name is Lorie Thiessen and it is my privilege to present to you in a monologue, of Gladys Aylward entitled, "His Strength in Our Weakness."  Come and hear how God used an unqualified house maid as a powerful missionary in China. It is an incredible story but she is not the hero, God is.  I hope you too will be blessed as you to come hear in dramatic form how God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways!

Special Music: Heaven Bound

Kelvin Thiessen
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Special Music:
Heaven Bound

Fall 2021

Dates and event details are being planned for 2021, stay tuned for updates!

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Speaker: TBD
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Special Music: