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Our History

Dallas Valley has been truly blessed by an incredible history of men and women supporting and building this ministry to what it is today.  These are just a few of the steps along the way.

The Incredible Journey

The birth and growth of the camping ministry at Dallas Valley has been a miracle since its inception. In 1979 the tragic death of Dallas Lutzer led his parents, Albert and Jean Lutzer, to offer a choice piece of recreational property to the Canadian Sunday School Mission with the intent that it would be developed as a Christian camp in memory of their son. The vision of developing a piece of Boggy Creek pasture land into a campsite where children, youth, and adults could be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be nurtured in their Christian faith has guided the camp board ever since. It has been a time of difficult challenges and constant "growing pains," but it has brought Dallas Valley into the 21st century with a campsite that can now accommodate 2000+ campers each summer as well as conduct ministries for adults, and host guest groups, throughout the rest of the year. It has truly been an

"Incredible Journey."


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