At Advanced Horsemanship, campers bring their own horse to work on barrel racing, horse showing, or cow/horse work,  choosing their own focus for the week.


Instruction will consist of how to properly pattern your horse on the barrels, horsemanship skills, bits and tack, and other camp skills.  They will also do drywork away from the barrel pattern in order to learn what their horses need to know to make training on the pattern easier for horse and rider. The use of different bits and proper saddle fitting will also be covered.

Important Info

Campers must bring their own horses to this camp!

We require the following before you can unload your horse on our site:

  • 3 and 1 shots or 4 and 1 shots

  • West Nile Shot

  • Be Dewormed

We will gladly feed your horse with oats and hay but if it has a special diet you must bring your own feed.