The safety of your children at Dallas Valley is our number one priority.  Here are seven ways we ensure that not only will your child have a great camp experience but also be safe at the same time.

In Safe Hands

Every team member on site is required to take In Safe Hands training. In Safe Hands is a program designed by One Hope Canada (formerly CSSM ministries). In Safe Hands ensures that our team know what proper conduct between leaders and campers looks like. It also details the proper procedures and protocols when dealing with children and youth in sensitive situations. For more information visit

Camper Care

We have two nurses on site to make sure your child is taken care of; these roles are filled by either an RN, LPN, ACP, PCP, fourth year nursing student and first aid under supervision. Given our proximity to Regina, a hospital is under 30 minutes away verses some more remote locations. At every chapel, skill, meal and wide game, role call is taken to make sure all campers are accounted for. It is our desire for every camper to remain safe and engaged in the program, to have the best week possible.


Once we have read through the applications, references and have selected our team accordingly, we have a five day long training session. Our training is designed to equip our team to run activities safely and to deal properly with any issues that may arise at camp.

Specialized Team Training

Lifeguards- All our lifeguards have their Bronze Cross, and at least one NL certified lifeguard will be present at all times. Climbing wall- All of our climbing wall instructors are trained by a Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner, who is on site year round. Our climbing wall and high ropes elements are designed, built and inspected to ACCT Standards. Riflery instructors- All riflery instructors have their Firearms Safety Certification and their PAL. Archery- Archery instructors adhere to NASP rules in our archery program. Horseback Riding- Our full time riding instructor, Tanya, has worked with horses, campers and riding leaders for many years. We do not allow anyone to be a part of the horse program unless they have been approved by Tanya. Those selected to work for the riding program in the summer are put through very strict training.


TalkBoxes are installed at all camp sites, the purpose of the TalkBox is to give your child the opportunity to write down any questions or concerns they have with other campers or our team. If bullying or other issues arise we want to know and help your child. This box will allow them to confide in us anonymously or revealing their identity if they choose, so we can help make their week great from start to finish. The Program Director will check the boxes daily and deal with issues right away.

Hiring Process

Dallas Valley tours Colleges across the prairies to find the best people to join our team for your kids. The very first measure that we take is our application process. When applying to Dallas Valley they first have to fill out a very extensive application form. The form details their level of skill in activities that happen at camp, their reasons for applying and includes a reference form. References are to be adults over the age of 25 and non-relatives. We also ask that one reference would be their pastor. Each application also needs to include a criminal record check. The majority of our senior leaders have come through the ranks from campers, to L.I.T.'s, to Cabin Leaders. This ensures we have a greater knowledge of who will be with your kids for the week.

L.I.T. (Leader In Training):

Training and screening can only go so far to ensure that our team is of the highest standard. This is why we have the LIT program. Young people between the ages of 16 and 17 who aren't old enough to be senior summer team join as part of our LIT program and are under the direction of a trusted senior leader while they are in a cabin. Most of our senior summer team have graduated from the LIT program. The LIT program gives us the opportunity to see how junior leaders deal with campers well before they get the possibility to be a senior leader.


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